Frederick E. Leuschner is very inspiring, and we are honored to have our chapter’s highest individual honor award named after him. He moved from a career in broadcasting to a career in public relations at the Pennsylvania State Education Association to starting his own business to teaching.

Frederick E.Leuschner was president of our PRSA Central PA Chapter from1965 to 1966. He along with his core team rechartered the chapter and brought it back to life. He became accredited in public relations (APR) in 1970 and became chapter accreditation chair in 1972 and then again in 1987 for a number of years. Other people followed him in that role, Deborah Saline, James Cartmell, Bob Saline. Now In the year 2015, Jason Kirsch is leading APR training with the help of other chapter APRs. Our chapter has the only PRSA Natonal trainers in the country and the highest APR test passiing rate.

Fred was unanimously voted the first recipient of the Frederick E. Leuschner Award for Excellence in Public Relations in 1989. He was elected to the PRSA College of Fellow in 1991. He was the first Fellow from our chapter.

Fred is the perfect mentor and taught chapter members the need for transparency and ethics. Fred built a library of ethics white papers, studies and other resource materials. First, they were passed on to Bob Saline and now are in the hands of Jason Kirsch.

Fred nudged and encouraged others to get involved in the chapter, as winners of the Frederick E. Leuschner award have done ever since.

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