Judging Criteria: What Makes a Good Entry?

Tactics and campaigns will have different judging criteria this year.

Campaigns are judged on:

  • Research (up to 15 points)
  • Planning (15 points)
  • Execution (30 points)
  • Evaluation (15 points)
  • Supporting materials (25 points)

Tactics are judged on:

  • Planning/content (up to 20 points)
  • Creativity/quality (20 points)
  • Technical excellence (20 points)
  • Results (20 points)
  • Supporting materials (20 points)

Based on past experience, judges will give higher scores for:

  • “SMART” objectives (those that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely
  • Clearly defined audiences
  • Using appropriate tactics to achieve your objectives and execute your strategy
  • Demonstrating how your program helped the organization reach its business or other goals
  • Thorough analysis of the results when considered with the original objective
  • Overall professionalism

Tips for supporting materials


Consider including some or all of the following to support your entry:

  • Examples of research you used to make decisions about your strategy and tactics: primary or secondary surveys, focus groups, media audits, etc.
  • Include samples showing the major components of the campaign; for video or audio files, you can either include a link within the PDF, upload the video file to the entry system or include a link to a file transfer site (such as DropBox or Google Drive)
  • Show results where possible, such as: clips of media coverage; web traffic or email open reports; survey results


In most cases, the only requirement is to submit a sample of the tactic you implemented, but additional supporting materials that show the background, research and outcomes may give the judges a better understanding of why you implemented this tactic and how effective it was.

Multiple entries

If you had a great program, consider entering the overall campaign along with the individual tactics in separate categories. There is a discount for multiple entries.


Campaigns: Requirements and categories

Tactics: Requirements and categories

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Judging criteria: What makes a good entry?

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