Judging Instructions

Thank you again for serving as a judge for the Central PA Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) Keystone Awards! You have been selected to be a judge because of your commitment to the public relations profession, as evidenced by your credentials and/or length of time successfully practicing PR.

As a judge, you can award up to 100 points for each summary you review. You are encouraged to provide constructive feedback directly on the submitted 2-page summaries. Seventy percent of the scoring is based on the 2-page summaries, with the following thirty percent based on the supporting materials. You have been given 4, 2-page summaries. These summaries can be found in the left-hand pocket of the 4, 3-ring binders that have been given to you.

Please only mark one of the judging sheets that are attached to the 2-page summaries found in each notebook. The second and third judging sheets, with summaries attached, are for the second and third judges who will be reviewing the same materials you will be. The combined score of your results with the second and third judge’s marks will determine whether or not an award will be issued.

Each entry should separately address the following criteria:

Research – The situation and the methods applied in identifying a problem or opportunity (through formal and/or in formal research methods) that helped identify the problem or opportunity, target audiences and develop a strategy for addressing the problem or opportunity.

Planning – The original statement of measurable objectives (qualitative and/or quantitative), audiences, the originality and judgment employed in choosing strategies and techniques, and the relationship of the program plan to research.

Implementation – The caliber of materials, activities, writing, publications and other tools and techniques applied in executing the program.

Evaluation – Demonstrated efforts in identifying, analyzing and quantifying results to determine if and how well a program accomplished its goals and objectives.

Budget– Description of the financial outlay required for development, implementation and evaluation of this campaign, strategy or tactic. (Reporting staff time for agency/corporation/non-profit/government should be expressed in a total dollar amount for the entire number of hours. Hourly rates, salaries or total number of hours are not necessary.) Explanation of how these expenses relate to the project’s success.

Supporting Material– The caliber of materials used to execute the program.

The highest award that can be earned is the Keystone Award, next is an Honorable Mention and third is a Judges Award (for achieving maximum results using a minimum amount of money). Awards will be given once all judges’ scores have been tallied. To ensure that we meet the Central PA Public Relations Society of America’s time-frame, please plan on having your judging process complete and your judging forms complete and in their notebook ready for pickup on Friday, October 5th by 3PM.

Thanks again for your time and expertise and commitment to the public relations profession!

Judging Form

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