Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight highlights Central PA PRSA Members who have displayed exceptional creativity and skills within their field or Public Relations.

If you know of any members who have represented their clients or company in an outstanding way, please let us know so that we may share their achievements with the chapter!

MEMBER PROFILE: Michael Lambert


Employer: Lambert Marketing & Communications LLC

Title: President

How/Why did you get into the PR profession?: My career prior to 2004 was mostly marketing work, though I wrote my share of press releases and monthly management presentations. While under the marketing umbrella, I also served as project manager for both a corporate identity redesign and a comprehensive customer statement redesign – projects most of us would say were more communications than marketing functions.

Two months after I joined a new company as marketing director, I was asked to fill in when the communications director resigned. I quickly learned to write quarterly and annual reports, work with the media, design meetings with employees and stock analysts, and develop message points for senior managers and directors. This trial-by-fire worked out to everyone’s delight (including mine), and eventually I was given formal responsibility for corporate communications.

Most unusual/successful/funniest PR project you did?: A year after I formally became communications director, a multimillion-dollar fraud was discovered in a small subsidiary that had been acquired a few years earlier. My second trial-by-fire communications experience was managing crisis communications during the year-long investigations by the FBI and SEC, among others. I’m pleased to say we were very successful in maintaining customer relationships and employee loyalty, as well as in gradually restoring shareholder value after the initial plunge in share price. But the experience branded us as a wounded company, and eventually the best option for our shareholders was to sell to a larger competitor.

Do you have your APR?: No

Ideal Job (if not PR): Because of my background and interests, my ideal job combines marketing and communications responsibilities, as is often done in smaller companies and organizations. I now have my own company, working with organizations that often need assistance in both disciplines.

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