Lean how to improve your media relations results in an online world

Thursday, April 15, 2021, Noon

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Building relationships with members of the media requires time and energy. But the days of cordial coffees, courtesy phone calls and desk-side chats seem like a distant memory.

With a news cycle that is constant and almost entirely online, what does a modern (and successful) media relations strategy look like? Journalists are looking for effective relationships with communications professionals that are built over time with valued information exchange.

In the 21st century, building those relationships takes place on the internet. According to a study by Muck Rack, 83% of journalists believe Twitter to be the most valuable social media platform. On Twitter, journalists share recent work, current interests, concerns and unique perspectives — incredibly valuable information that could play a key role in tailoring your pitch to get your story noticed. But synthesizing and making sense of all this can be difficult.

Bravo Group’s Noelle Feron will discuss how PR pros could use network science to better understand your audiences and how messages are being delivered. Specifically, Noelle will focus on how spheres of influence shape conversation on Twitter, which is the go-to platform for journalists and newsmakers.”


Noelle Feron, Bravo GroupNoelle Feron, Senior Director, Digital Transformation at Bravo Group serves as the Senior Director of Digital Transformation at Bravo Group, Pennsylvania’s largest independent public relations firm. In this role, she leads the firm’s innovation initiatives and spearheads the integration of the firm’s industry knowledge with digital technologies. She led the on-boarding of the firm’s customer data platform and oversees development of proprietary technologies used to transform communications. During her near 10-year tenure at Bravo Group, Noelle designed and operationalized the firm’s digital practice. Noelle oversees development for Paraqeet, the Twitter network visualization tool that will be featured in this session.

How to improve your media relations results in an online world




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