Tips for preparing your entry

You can download this information in a quick fact sheet, easy to print and share on how to prepare your entry here.

1. RESEARCH (15 points)

Identify the PR problem(s) and/or opportunity(ies) your program or tactic is designed to address, using formal or informal research methodologies.

Tips: If you did not conduct research because of time or budget constraints, explain this in your summary, and include the research you would have done in a “perfect world.” Sometimes research was conducted through other programs, projects, or avenues and that information is relevant to your entry submission. Be sure to discuss that information when appropriate.

2. PLANNING (15 points)

  • Identify primary and secondary audiences and list them in order of importance
  • State primary PR goal with specific, measurable objectives and the strategies to accomplish those objectives
  • List resources available (and limitations) for budget, time and personnel

Tips: Don’t overlook budget, even if there were no hard costs for your PR program. Staff time should also be considered when identifying the costs of execution. Also, judges want to see “SMART” objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.)

3. EXECUTION (30 points)

Describe the PR tactics used to support the strategies and meet the outlined objectives. Describe any difficulties encountered in terms of budget, time, personnel and how you overcame them.

Tips: Judges are looking for creative tactics that were well implemented and appropriate to the audiences.  


Demonstrate how the program or tactic met or exceeded its original, measurable objectives. Utilize quantifiable measurement methods whenever possible. Outcomes can be measured using a variety of techniques such as surveys, attendance at events, informal feedback or correspondence from the audience, news coverage, etc.

Tips: Tie the results back into the objectives you previously stated. If you did not meet your objectives, explain what you could have done differently.


  • Support Materials: Entries should include support materials that illustrate the campaign or tactic, such as work samples, photos, news clippings, audio or video files, PDFs of collateral, research examples, etc. Can also be provided via link(s) in summary document, or as a one-page document containing links to supporting materials. (Worth up to 25 points). See the Categories page for specifics. Please select no more than five of the best support materials to submit.