Inspiring Audiences Through Actionable Insights

Wednesday, May 19, 2021, Noon

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As any PR professional will tell you, the public perception of a brand, business, or organization has always been important. But throw international Black Lives Matter protests and a global pandemic into the mix and getting your brand’s perception right is suddenly a whole lot higher on the agenda.  During any form of political or economic turmoil, people’s emotions are a lot rawer, their sensitivities are heightened, they are less forgiving, and they have much higher expectations of brands, businesses, and their leaders. During this time, marketing and PR professionals need to seriously up the ante across every key message they’re putting out. 

What you’ll learn

Savanta has been tracking the public’s views and behaviors around the pandemic since March 2020, looking at how people feel about a whole range of areas including advertising, spending, going out, entertainment, and more. We’ll be taking you through the key findings so far.

We’ll also be taking a closer look at the Black Lives Matter movement, the personal experience of discrimination in work life, actions taken by employers, awareness and perceptions about company actions, and the impact on brands association with BLM on their perception and favorability. 


Sadia CoreySadia Corey, Director, Client Development
Sadia Corey brings 10+ years of expertise in the global market research industry. Starting her career with Research Now (now Dynata) she has evolved alongside the online data collection industry. Using her data-collection expertise, Sadia is accustomed to catering to large global brands and boutiques businesses with finesse. A British expat in Atlanta, Sadia is a London native who specializes in managing resources to deliver key insights objectives.


Andrew TrudeauAndrew Trudeau, Senior Consultant, Account Management
Andrew specializes in designing innovative market research solutions for Fortune 1000 companies across industries including healthcare, technology, and retail. From calculating NPS to hosting workshops, Andrew is versed in a variety of methodologies.



Inspiring Audiences Through Actionable Insights




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