If you haven’t marked your calendar to Rise Up and participate in our Keystone Awards this year, the submission deadline is Friday, Oct. 7! 

Thanks to several folks who contacted us saying they could help coordinate the awards program and event this year — thanks to the following individuals, the awards show will go on: 

•    Jef Woodall, with York College
•    Marisa Corser, with Deeter Gallaher Group
•    Jay Scott, with Gavin

And thanks to the committed awards committee members who have already put in efforts to get things moving this year: 

– Linda Burkley, with Susquehanna University
– Maggi Barton, with the PA Dept. of Health
– Jennifer Sands, with the Central PA Food Bank

Submissions for awards can include overarching programs and strategies or individual tactics, so long as they have been completed in the year preceding Sept. 30, 2022. A simple two-page summary addressing research, planning, execution, and results are required and can be submitted with up to five examples of work.  

Plan to join us for our event on Tuesday, Nov. 15 to celebrate with the winners!