Are you looking to devote more time to volunteer initiatives? An ideal outlet to consider is PRSA’s recently launched Mentor Connect program.

This vital program seeks to invest in the future of our profession. Mentor Connect is designed to help students and professionals alike by enabling them to match with mentors who have the experience to help them grow.

As a mentor, you won’t be left to your own devices in the program. You’ll be supported by resources and peer knowledge sharing in the Mentor Community on MyPRSA.

Step 1: Complete a one-hour training webinar on mentoring best practices, mentoring for diversity and inclusion, and program policies.

Step 2: Go to the mentor registration application. If you are eligible, you will be given access to complete your mentor profile.

How to Become a Mentor
Mentors are needed who are:

  1. Active PRSA members.
  2. Able to participate in a short training webinar.
  3. Most importantly, can commit to mentoring a mentee. The actual meeting frequency and duration of the relationship will be agreed upon by both individuals involved.

If you have any questions about Mentor Connect, please contact