by Valeria Beussink

Central PA PRSA Chapter meetings featuring guest speakers on timely topics have been and will continue to be one of the best advantages of PRSA Chapter membership.

While the Program Committee is busy working on our 2014 calendar of events, we decided that this year we need to encourage more feedback from our members on what topics are the most relevant for you and whom you would like to see presenting.

It is important for us to hear from you as we continue inviting speakers that do bring value to you and your professional development.

Here are some new things you can expect from the Central PA PRSA Program Committee in 2014:

  1. Following each of our programs, you will be encouraged to fill out a brief survey indicating your preferences for the future programs and how you would rank featured speakers.
  2. This year, we would like to give you more tools to successfully submit your application for the Keystone Awards. We will partner with Central PA PRSA Awards Committee to arrange an overview of the entry process and have some past winners talk about their experience with submissions.
  3. As media continues to be the gatekeeper for the coverage all PR pros desire, the practice of traditional media relations is still relevant despite the influx of digital media. To be successful in media relations, PR professionals need to understand the challenges and opportunities that reporters are facing. In spring 2014, we would like to invite some of Central PA local reporters to talk about how PR pros can help them reach diverse audiences. Stay tuned for more information on our website and in the newsletter.
  4. We will ask you to submit questions to our speakers when you register for an event so that our speakers are more prepared to talk about things of interest to you and have our programs more as discussion rather than a one-way presentation.

Now it’s your turn to speak up and let us know what areas are of the most interest to you and what speakers you would like to see at our future programs.

Please leave your comments below, share this post with your fellow PR pros in Central PA or contact us directly with your suggestions:

Program Committee Co-Chairs

Dwendy Johnson CVA, community relations team leader at Gift of Life Donor


Debra Davis, public relations coordinator, Masonic Villages

Valeria Beussink, executive assistant, Daymon Worldwide

Kim Brenner-Zirkle, marketing specialist, Members 1st FCU