by Valeria Beussinkler_25smaller

1. Rich, in your opinion, what should be the starting point for deciding whether producing a video is the right tool for engaging with the relevant target audiences?

Video strikes me as a useful tool for several purposes. It can “demystify” an unknown product or service. It can give the audience an appreciation of behind-the-scenes work that contributes to quality. And it can build a relationship between the audience and a purveyor.

2. Arguably, “amateur” production quality can come across as more genuine and real. What is more important – delivering your message in high-quality video or just creating a passionate message without making it feel like a corporate-produced scripted pitch?

An amateur production feels like reality TV, which has become an accepted style. For me, it’s as much a matter of budget as preference. My clients want to spend less than $1,000 for a complete video, which includes the shoot, production and soundtrack royalty. Finally, I shoot people as they really are and don’t ask them to act or read a script, which is difficult to impossible for people without acting experience.

3. In your experience, what is the single most important feature that makes a video go viral?

By going “viral,” I assume you mean is discovered and watch by a large audience. In one way or another, these videos entertain their audiences. Some are funny, some are incredibly stupid and some are clever. Videos must be entertaining to be successful.

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